First post

OK, first post, here it goes.

BTW, I can’t guarantee that my grammar, sentence structure, and other rules of the language I’ll be posting in will be followed perfectly.

So, why is the title of my blog “Mein Weltbild”? I was wondering what to call my blog, then I realized that I have a World Views class. What would sound cool that is related to world views? Well, Hitler showed his world view in a book called “Mein Kampf.” Of course, if I ever do something that makes the news, the media will take this post out of context and say that I am a supporter of Hitler and anti-Semitic. Well, that is not true at all. So I hit Google Translate and translated “My worldview” into German and POW! there was my blog’s title. A quick search on Google revealed that “Mein Weltbild” is also the title of a book by Albert Einstein. I respect Einstein as a scientist, as I am deeply interested in science.
Maybe I’ll use this as a reference for what to write in my World Views class. Things like “What exactly was I thinking back then?” I guess it’ll just be a big experiment.
Also, I’m open to comments. Who knows, you might change my world view!
Oh, quick note. Trolls will be subject to ASAP (because I probably won’t have too much time on my hands in the future) moderation (aka having your comment deleted – wait, can I do that? – or banning your account from commenting after the trolling reaches a certain point – um, can I even do that?).
Anyway, yoroshiku! (That’s Japanese for, uh, there isn’t really a good English translation. Something to the extent of let’s be nice to each other?) If you have a better translation, please put it in the comments section.

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