ADD time!

Today, I’ve finally collected enough material to do another blog post.

Well, I have enough material for a few posts. But I forgot what they were about. I seriously should invent like an auto-note taker that attaches to your brains and then somehow makes you recall what you were thinking about.

Anyhoo, more world views.

I’ve been diagnosed with “potentially” having ADD about, say 5 or 6 years ago? Which from a doctor’s perspective in Japan, means I totally do have ADD.

I just had a great discussion about ADD with the family I’m staying with’s mom.

I go to a private school and my parents are getting ready to move close by, but in the mean time I’m staying at my friend’s house.

I should give some context, I guess.

My friend has this one sibling that is particularly annoying at certain times. My friend tells me that he gives siblings a bad name. Oh well.

Sometimes he has these CRAZY temper tantrums. We were talking about that and what he possibly has medically or physiologically. I was talking about myself probably having ADD and how I can’t focus on studying. The funny thing is that she has ADD, too.

We got into a deep discussion about how ADD would have been essential in caveman times. I mean, what if everyone in a hunting team were determined to get that one mammoth and no one noticed the saber-toothed tiger stalking them? They’d all be probably dead.

Since caveman times were quite a while ago, evolution’s probably not working.

No, I don’t believe that evolution is applicable today.

I’m a Christian and believe in creation. Well, there could be two methods of creation. One is just as it is, creation.

The other is that God created just one species and allowed it to evolve according to his desires, meaning he directed the flow of evolution.

After a certain point, God took away the ability of evolution.

And I know that “coming out of the closet” and saying that I’m a Christian online or even in real life is probably a bad decision because I don’t really like angry discussions. I’d have a discussion about anything if I know something about the topic, but I’d leave the second the argument becomes really heated unless I’m really determined to defend my position.

Yes, I know that throughout history, Christians have pulled some pretty bad moves (I’m a protestant by the way, so some [most] of the stuff I’ll blame on Catholics). I don’t like how internationally, America is supposed to be a “Christian” nation. Please read the Treaty of Tripoli. I am also kinda mad that America likes war so much. Video games are fine, but not IRL.

There goes my ADD again. Off topic :D.

So yeah please Darwin fix my ADD so I can evolve out of it.

My world view on ADD until now: ADD sucks, I should blame it for how I become so distracted.
My new world view on ADD: Hey, I should try to put in policies to combat my ADD. Maybe check in with myself 2 or 3 times an hour to see if I’m on focus with my original intention.

That’s it for today.

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