Looking at details

I was thinking today (yes, I do lots of random thinking) after an especially intense workout at my school’s gym. I forget exactly how my train of thought reached this point but I’ll post parts of what I was thinking anyway.

Everything’s made out of atoms. Basic Physics class, right? And then the atoms are made out of things called electrons, protons, and neutrons. Those are the smallest units of all matter. Wrong. The neutron is made up of even smaller particles called subatomic particles. Look it up if you want to delve deeper into it, I’m just too lazy to look things up any further and post it.

So, the lesson here?

Even when you think that you know the teensy-weency details of things, there are even smaller things behind an action or object.

After zooming in, look again at the bigger picture.

Your perspective may turn around 180°.

Heck, I think this blog will just turn out to be a “note to self” kind of things.

I hope not, and honestly hope that you walk (browse?) away with something more with every post.

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