Reducing top-secret gov’t agency waste


Another blog post?

Dude, you’re rolling out these blog posts like there’s not tomorrow!”

There is a tomorrow, but, yes, I’m putting more on my blog about my discoveries than before.

No surprise here, but according to The Washington Post, there is a huge underground world to our/my/the US government.

It is so big that these government agencies are out of sync. Information is not shared between agencies and there is lots of overlap in the intel gathered.

And in overlap there is waste.

As you can read in a previous post, I am very against government waste. I’m not paying taxes other than sales/consumption taxes right now, but I will be in the future. I don’t want to see waste.

You can read more about this from the link above, and come back after you’re done.

I propose a plan to reduce and eventually eliminate waste coming from these sources.

Step #1: create a central server that all governments (non-US) and agencies can access, containing intel gathered about possible terrorist attacks and allowing the submission of intel relating to possible terrorist attacks.

Step #2: make a website [public beta] posting all general data (being expected date and location, weapon type[s]) of possible terrorist attacks, accessible by anyone with an internet connection. Allow connection with social media to raise public awareness of potential events.

Step #3: develop and deploy algorithms assessing threat of attacks based on intel. Things that should make events rank higher or more “critical”; # of potential casualties/target size/target type, intel that states an attack may happen on or close to a specific date/holiday like Christmas or national holidays like various countries’ Independence Days, executer and affiliated organization (is the executer part of a major terrorist organization or even a higher-up in one?) etc.

Step #4: take public website out of beta and use algorithms of step #3 to organize data. Further organize data by HTML5 location detection. i.e. If user is detected to be accessing website from Frankfurt, Germany, relevant information relating to potential terrorist attacks in Germany is put on top of website and furthermore those relating to Frankfurt are prioritized.

With the first step waste is reduced to improve inter-agency cooperation and synchronization.
The second step raises public awareness.
The third filters threats and organizes them, boosting productivity.
The fourth takes the second step further and optimizes public awareness.

The power is with the people. The government can’t stop everything. Empower the people, and prevent attacks.

^ That paragraph just used 3 blacklisted phrases.

And this blog post, and this whole blog maybe, is going to end up in the pile of intel of “beginning terrorists”. Oh well.

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