Lazy Christianity

Again, long time no see.

I hate lazy Christianity, but I am also a lazy Christian. Maybe I shouldn’t be writing this–it would be considered hypocrisy, but I’m working on that.

A lot of us Christians pray for various things: things like the end of poverty, the release of those caught up in human trafficking.

I’m not doubthing the power of God; however, we shouldn’t just be praying. We should also DO.

We often speak of tithing; less of us actually give a tenth of our money as offering.

I understand and know people who are not in the financial position to give a tenth of their income. However, what we can do is give a tenth of our time.

If you are a lawyer/prosecutor, a Christian, and have a sense for justice (which I hope you do if you’re a lawyer or prosecutor and Christian), there is an organization called International Justice Mission which brings criminals to justice in countries where the authority that is supposed to stop injustice is easily bribed or corrupted. That’s giving time.

There are organizations like Compassion International or World Vision where if you give financially they will use that money to help someone. That is giving your money.

You can make a difference in your own community too. Go out with your children and minister through actions, not with words. People will wonder what makes you different from all the other humans they have met.