GT day 9—hoikuen visit/grass-cutting

Normal morning, but ran out of bread and yogurt.

I had QT with Paul, talked about the importance of reading the Bible cover-to-cover.

We visited a preschool! Ohmygosh those kids are so adorable!

We sang/danced “praise” and “head boulders knees and toes” with them. After that, we played duck duck goose and “the flower game”

To finish off, we performed “God bless you” and gave the kids and teacher crosses made by people in Hawaii.

The kids responded with their own program–singing 3 songs and giving us sunflower origami necklaces! So. Cute.

We got lunch at the local—and only—supermarket. We ate it at a park. There were zip-lines and they were fun!

We met up with Mike who had already begun cutting weeds at the Okaichis’ property—their house was right by the ocean and was wiped out.

With 2 metal-blade weed-whackers and 11 people working, the general work was done in 1 hour. We continued pulling weeds at their roots and taking together the weeds for a couple more hours.

3 of the girls went to temporary housing while we stayed behind and worked more. They were tracting for Thursday’s (day 11) craft activities at temporary housing. According to Misha, some were reluctant to use the word “living” in temporary housing—maybe it sounds too permanent.

Our daly bath was free today. The sento we went to was run by an NPO. It had an outdoor bath, which yesterday’s bath sento didn’t have. I say it’s one of the best sentos we went to because it was free and had an outdoor bath. The only thing that could make not better is a cold water bath We also ate dinner there. The food was cheap. We also it to watch TV and get updates about typhoon #4. Tomorrow’s gonna be bad. The ladies selling the food wanted us to come back. 8 people’s worth of food plus 4 things of soft cream—they sure loved our business.

Debriefed in the car and got donuts on the way home because we went way under on the budget.

Worship at the end of the day, then we watched a movie.


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