GT day 1—training day 1

Woke up at 5:30, got on train around 7:05. Arrived at Tokyo fine with friends that I met up with at Ikebukuro. Got on the train for Kazusa-Ichinomiya at 8:44 as a team—61 people!

While many talked on the 1 hour 30 minute train ride, I slept around halfway through.

I was assigned to the Tohoku team with Katie and Paul as leaders, Misha, Daniel, another Chris, Kayla, and Hanna as GT members.

We did a lot of training today but I don’t know if a lot of it will be applicable because what we’ll be doing in Tohoku is going to be so different from what the “traditional” GT is.


  1. Unity and growth as a team
  2. Wisdom to do things
  3. Lots of rest
  4. Open hearts of the people in Tohoku

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