GT day 2—training day 2

1:50 PM

“Quiet time” of devotions was good. Psalm 79 can be applicable from a perspective that Christians are Israel and the enemies are the world.

Discussed with Kenneth, who read Proverbs 23—about disciplining yourself for God.

One of our “sessions” involved praying for other teams by passing a sheet with team members’ names on it. If we felt strongly hat God wanted to tell a certain member something or the whole team something, we wrote that or a Bible verse down on the paper.

Our paper, when we got it, my name pointed to “key role.” I don’t really know what that means yet, but if it was done in prayer and the Spirit, it must be true.

I want to have some time with Jusco before I leave for Tohoku.

10:15 PM
Fun end-of-the-day futon/pillow fight with cabin-mates Daniel, Eems, Sean, and Tyler.

God talked to me a lot today.

Maybe it’s living up to the “key role” thing. It would be an interesting study in Psychology, I guess, as well as spiritual work.

Amazing talk by Tyler C. about spreading the Gospel. Gotta try and get it uploaded. That’s for another time though.

Misha is/was sick. We prayed as a team that she would feel better, and she came down to join our group time (she wasn’t there when we prayed for her).

I can just tell that there’s so much that God wants to do. I can also tell that there are going to be a lot of trials.


  1. Healing
  2. Unity
  3. Wisdom
  4. Divine encounters
  5. God to be glorified, not us.

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