GT day 8—day off/practice activities for preschool

Morning/early afternoon

We woke up to a strong earthquake at 5:30–no danger of a tsunami. The shaking in my dazed state was actually quite nice.
I went back to sleep and got up again at 9:45.
I made eggs for myself, all the girls, and Paul. Used 9 eggs in total.
I had QT with the other Chris. We both found some deep things; I mean, what isn’t deep in the Bible?
He read the last part of Philippians and the beginning of Corinthians. I read Matthew 10.
What I got out of my reading was that I need to let the Holy Spirit work in me when I don’t know what to do and hat I need to take psychology next year to learn to manipulate people—it says it right there in Matthew 10:16 XD
We practiced for tomorrow’s preschool (hoikuen) visit with games and songs.


At 2 PM we went to eat lunch. Swapped budget with supper again. It had all-you-can-eat rice, curry, and soup, so I guess it was worth it.


After that we headed for the beach. I was able to use Paul’s DSLR to take a lot of photos—man I love manual focus!
All of us skipped rocks at one point because the beach was made up of flat rocks. Hannah’s first throw went way off and hit me in the head while I was leaning down to get another rock. I’m fine. I actually regret not falling to the ground and making her more concerned—she’s apologizing so much even now, when I’m about to go to bed.
The water was really clear and beautiful.
Some rails to prevent people from falling into the ocean were missing. Instead, there were bolted-on stakes of wood with rope through them instead. The rails were wiped out by the tsunami.


We took a bath at an overpriced sento. It had way less baths than we’d had before and if we felt like it we could have actually talked to people of the opposite sex across walls—even though they were twice as tall as any of us. Paul did describe our team as being “GT heaven” and I’ve heard stories where there are sentos where you could literally pull yourself over he dousing wall—not too comforting of a thought, especially for girls. Anyway, all of us were out early—even the girls, who are usually late by 10 minutes at any sento—I guess because of the limited selections of baths and that we couldn’t go outside even though it was beautiful.


Supper was kombini food. Selection at kombinis aren’t too limited and the flavor isn’t bad either.
Katie strummed on the guitar that we brought and we just listened. It was so relaxing and a good way to finish off the day.


Debrief of today (did we even need one?) and briefing for tomorrow was good. Katie played guitar (until now it was Paul) for our time of worship. We partnered up for prayer and prayed various things.


  1. Strength for tomorrow, where we’ll be working with little kids and cutting grass on two lots of land
  2. For us to feel the Spirit’s presence so that we’ll always be reminded that we’re doing what we do for God

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