Long time, no see.

Wow, I haven’t written in a long time, considering that I believe that writing is a way for me to relax and let my feelings out.

Recently, my life has been marked with procrastination, both academically and personally. I have to redesign the main landing page. I have to unify the appearance of the WordPress blog and my “normal” website, write a report to the CAJ PTA about my GT experience… the list seems to go on forever.

I guess I have to examine the reasons for my procrastination.

First of all, my life seems to be picking up so much fun and work and it’s easy to get lost in all I do at school. CAJ is such an academically demanding environment, yet offers so many extra-curricular activities that I am sometimes marveled at students’ ability to juggle so many things.

Second, just like any other human, I love entertainment. I’m being unproductive if Twitter, Facebook, Tumbler, or reddit are open in my browser. And I basically put off homework until the night it’s due because I could just be entertained instead of working ahead on any assignments.

Here’s the killer: classes aren’t integrated. At all. This totally kills my desire to do any homework. I love seeing connections between various topics/subjects. Bible, PreCalculus, English, US History are all pretty much connection-less. This would have been availed by taking Humanities (done by my favorite teacher!) but I can’t because PreCalculus pushes it  off of my possible class list.

No matter how much I manage my time, if I never get the desire to do my assignments, I’d lose purpose in managing my time. Even if I forced myself to make unrelated connections it would be purposeless because I hate forcing things.

I guess that’s all for now. Great, isn’t it? I broke my writing hiatus by complaining. Marvelous.

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