Stream of Consciousness Piece: “Snow”

Preface: in our English class today, we read Emerson’s “Nature.” This is just an exercise that we did that didn’t need to be publicized, but I’m doing it anyway.

It snowed today. Rare in Tokyo. Because of its rarity, the city goes into a seemingly tranquil panic—panicking because it may mess up the orderly life of the city, tranquil because of the beauty of the fluffy snow.

“Take the bus,” says my mother, looking at the snow outside. It is less than an inch thick. The small road leading into our residential area is covered in snow—packed down, threatening to form slippery, potentially life-threatening ice. My father wakes up, takes a look out the window and casually says “there’s no need to take public transportation; just take your bike like usual.” Cautiously, I strap my boots on and test the ground… an inch of snow, it’s nothing. Unlock my bike, and head down the hill in front of our neighbourhood.

The repeated passing of cars’ wheels have melted and pushed aside the snow and now it’s just water. An inch of snow, it’s nothing.

Down to another minor-traffic road and my wheels slip, but I regain balance without my feet contacting the ground. However, a man on his trike falls over. I get off my bike to help him up, yet he says he can take care of himself. Very well, I go on my way.

The rest of the trip was peaceful; the now-slush snow crunching under my tires, the occasional still-snow patch of snow painting my tires white. The melting snow falling off of branches in eraser-sized clumps. 2:30 PM, there is no trace of the snow from this morning.

The Stress of Dealing with a GPA

Oh, how time passes.

A year ago, I finished my first semester of Sophomore year. I took the year lightly, and although I cared a bit about my grade, I wasn’t necessarily stressed out about my GPA, nor was I striving to turn a B into a B+.

With Junior year already halfway done, I was doing some more research on what kind of grades I need to get in order to be eligible for competition in my desired school’s full scholarship program. Here are the requirements:

  • 1260 or more combined on the math and reading section of the SAT (I already have 1340)
  • GPA of 3.6 or more (they are unclear about weighted or not)

I’ve passed the SAT requirements, but need to show consistency in my schoolwork and since I’m taking the SAT again this weekend, should definitely focus on improving my critical reading and math scores. Currently, my weighted GPA is at a 3.5 or 3.6.

On another note, I’m taking Graphic Design class this semester. It fulfills my fine arts requirement for graduation and it seems like it’d be a class I sincerely enjoy.

Now that I’m stressing out about my GPA, I need to start organizing my time. Working is out of the question if I want to even compete for a full scholarship (which has a less than 10% acceptance rate). Since this school is the only one I’m planning on applying to, I’d have to be accepted (though I’m fairly confident that I’ll be accepted).

To sum it up, I’ll need to step up my game a notch because I’ve been just scooting along, manage my time better, but also live life to the fullest by finding enjoyment in everything I do.