A General Life Update

It’s been a little more than a month since I settled in at LeTourneau University.

Classes have been fun, but I wish I had more credit hours. My adviser said that I had challenging classes, so should take fewer credit hours. I’m blazing through homework in those “challenging” classes and the fifth week of school is over. I could have taken three more credit hours and still be under the 18 hr/sem limit.

Speaking of classes, I’m really enjoying our Bible class. It’s more challenging than my high school’s Bible classes (well, I’d hope so…) but we’re also going through lots of books outside of C.S. Lewis and it’s making me understand my faith more. I’m thinking about things frequently that had never crossed my mind a year ago.

I’ve joined the rugby club for exercise and socialization, and that’s going well. Practices are 6 hr/wk.

Because I have experience with yearbooking in high school, I supposed it wouldn’t be bad to do it here. I get paid by the spread, and I get to meet new people through my work, so I’ll try my best to take advantage of that.

Getting along well with my roommate. He’s cool.

Found a church that I think I will continue attending. Some of my friends also attend, so that’s nice. Right now, we’re going through the book of James. It’s good that our pastor started off with emphasizing that works are a fruit of faith, and not the other way around. So many people tend to justify salvation through works based on the book of James. Plus, the youth group there is cool with coffee and the discussions. Separate from the main pastor’s sermon, we’re going through what it means to “strengthen oneself in the Lord” (1 Sam. 30:1-6).

In a way, the fewer credit hours are opening up different opportunities for socialization/getting to fit in with yearbook and rugby, so I’ll try to look on the bright side of that.

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