Contributing to family and society

I’m currently in Japan. Here, I’m trying to spend time especially with my grandmother. Given that I’ll have a vehicle next semester, I need money to pay for insurance and gas, so found a job through a friend. It was full-time, and despite me thinking I could balance family with work, I couldn’t. Because it was physical labor and it took one hour each way to commute to work, I’d barely have enough time to shower and eat before hitting the hay.

After four days of work, I quit and realized I couldn’t contribute to society properly without first contributing to my family. In the mean time, what am I going to do with the rest of my summer?

I want to spend time with family, of course, but when I can I want to see friends in Japan. What I can do to contribute to society is work on open-source projects. I’m reading up on how to do that now. Even though I won’t be paid to do so, it’s a good resume-builder since I want to go into programming as a career. Also, even with some brief reading, I’ve learned a lot about software architecture, not just programming.

My summer classes end this week. Even though I didn’t spend too much time on the classes anyway, it’ll be another requirement off my list for the summer.

If I’m going to be doing open-source development, it’s time for me to put some flavor of Linux on my machine (which I’ve been putting off for a while… shh)