002SH review

I have a 002SH by Sharp on SoftBank. Sadly, it’s not performed up to my expectations.

Why did I get it?

1. Waterproof.

2. Good camera.

And that’s about it. Everything else I dislike.

1. No apps. Duh, it isn’t a smartphone, but things could have been better.

2. Yeah, it has TV built in, but the interface is crap and really makes you NOT want to use it.

3. The web browser is crap. I tweet a lot as you can see in the sidebar, but the browser interface is terrible.

4. The touch screen is crap. Mistouches, annoying bumps to confirm input (although I can turn it off), very choppy scrolling. All things could have better execution.

5. Touch screen input is terrible. The on-screen keyboard, if you choose to use it, is very unnatural and takes so much getting used to that I’m just sticking to the hardware inputs.

6. Speaker position is awkward. I can’t put the speaker in my ear naturally and have to move the phone around so I can hear people on the other end of the phone.

7. Everything’s too quiet. Because it’s waterproof, everything is quiet. I can’t hear the ringer when it’s in my pocket. The vibration motor is weak. I can’t feel it vibrating when it’s in my pocket.

8. To take out the Micro SD card, you have to remove the battery pack. I can’t transfer files with Bluetooth, and that’s bad considering the number of photos I take with my cell phone. It makes you not want to deal with importing photos, which delays the enjoyment of photos, despite its nice camera.

9. One complaint about the camera: it’s very noisy even when the ISO is at 800. I won’t complain about the lack of optical zoom because most cell phone cameras don’t have optical zoom.


Don’t buy a 002SH (although I doubt if it’s still on sale as they already finished production when I bought this several months ago) because it’s not worth it. You could almost get two iPhones for the price of this one (90,000 Yen). Yes, I’m paying for it with my own money because I work, but I really regret getting this phone.