Artist of the month: Paramore

What I do to music is this: listen to one specific artist for a month, then move on. So, I commence my “Artist of the month” posts with Paramore.

What do you like about Paramore?

  • Female lead vocal
  • Lyrics I can relate to
  • Alt-rock
  • All band members hold microphones properly!

What do you not like about Paramore?

  • They haven’t released new music in a while
  • Band members have changed—their musical style may change from now

How did you find out about Paramore?

Randomly browsing YouTube and friends.

Best of

“That’s What You Get”

This is the video that I think Hayley Williams looks the cutest in. I give extra points for holding the microphones correctly.

Before I watched the video, I knew that the lyrics were good too. Kinda played on repeat when I went through some nasty girl problems.

“Misery Business”

Like “That’s What You Get,” good lyrics. One of the messages is that we shouldn’t be hiding behind a mask and be ourselves so we don’t deceive others and hurt them and ourselves.


Same as the songs above. Good lyrics, awesome sound. Seems really relevant these days because there are so many ignorant people in the world.

So, that’s my “artist of the month.” If you like their sound, you should follow Paramore on Twitter. Hayley Williams has her own Twitter—you should follow her too.