Dreams/Bucket list

Saw other people posting their bucket lists, so I guess I’ll post mine too.

Personal life—during formal education

Become a youth group leader. Time frame: sophomore year Done as of 5/26/2012

Launch my own website with photos, blog. Time: during summer 2012

Finish a pet project, EducationTracker. Time: finish concept during summer 2012, finish coding by 2013.

High school

Serve in Student Council as a class representative. Time: during high school (no duh)

Get into National Honor Society. Time: by 6/2013

Graduate with a GPA of 3.8 or higher. Graduation: 6/2014

Get into LeTourneau University, preferably their School of Aeronautical Science, with a scholarship covering over 50% of tuition. Apply by 9/2013


Make a living as a freelance web designer and putting together PCs for other students. Begin: 9/2014

Get a motorcycle license. Time: by 9/2015

Graduate with a BS and A&P degree. Graduation: 5/2018


Daytime job: work as a airplane mechanic at a mid-sized suburban airport that I can ride a bicycle to. Time: by 9/2018

Night time job: freelance web designer, possibly iOS dev, and PC builder. Time: by 9/2018

Personal life—post-formal education

Get married. Time: Lord willing, by 4/2021

Adopt 4 kids. Time: by 2022

What I’ll teach my kids

  • Investment/money management
  • Multiple languages, including Spanish, Mandarin, and Japanese.
  • Ride a bike
  • Ride a bike with no handlebars
  • To always be curious about things
  • How things work in general
  • Respect
  • Proper firearm usage/safety
  • “Stranger Danger!”—should be kinda standard but there are a lot of people without common sense out there today

Own my own home (no debts to a bank). Time: by 2025

Not get divorced. Time: eternity

Die in my sleep. Time: before 2080

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